The Book Bug

This page is so that people from the Fort Walton Beach Library can tBookBugrack where the Library’s Book Bug is.  Through the magic of on the Internet you will be able to see where the bug  is. We are going on a LONG trip SOON to someplace far away, by car, and you will be able to track our travels, and the bugs travel back to Fort Walton Beach.
This is a link Book Bug’s page on You can go there to find out where it is at any given time.
This travel bug began it’s travels at the Fort Walton Beach Library in  Fort Walton Beach, Florida.  It will visit as near as possible to at least one library in each state through which we travel.  We will visit as many geocache sites as possible but still maintain a decent schedule to NanBugreach our goal in the time allotted.
Along the way we will post an account of what we saw and what we did along the way.  After we get to our destination we will post maps showing the route we took.  The bug’s goal once we release it into the wild will be to get back to the Library in Fort Walton Beach and visit as many libraries as possible along the way.  Once it makes it back to Fort Walton Beach, a permanent display showing the bugs travels will be set up.  If you find the bug, PLEASE post a picture of it at a library.  These will be included in the final display.
Thank you for taking the time to read about the Book Bug.
Links that you might find interesting: (Not an advertisement, but we use Garmin eTrex GPS units)

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