Welcome to our little spot on the web

Hi… I’m the dad, Also known in some circles as Tom, and TomCat. This place is where we plan to write about whatever we feel like writing about…

  • We like to travel, and we plan on writing about the progress of a big trip we plan on taking this summer.
  • We like Geocaching, and we plan to write about that as well.
  • Nan likes to cook, we plan on sharing some of that here too
  • We watch a lot of movies too, we might write about them as well.

We have two nearly grown kids and a dog who thinks he’s a kid, and our lives are just as mundane as the next family’s life is…but hey… someone’s gotta be interested, or else we wouldn’t be writing about it, and YOU wouldn’t be be reading about it.  Our main audience is our family and friends, but others are invited too.
As you can tell, this is written on WordPress, which, in my opinion, is a really cool blogging package.  We host it ourselves and that means no ads.

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