Microsoft Live Writer

Well. We got things set up the other night and we need to test the ability to post using offline tools.  This post was composed in a program that comes free from Microsoft called Windows Live Writer. It seems to allow the use of several different blogging packages.  I have not done anything with it except configure it and start typing this post. Will learn how it works and start documenting our Geocaching adventures and other things we’re into.  I may go back and try to document the work we did a couple of years ago when we did the floor and then the work we did on the siding and roof.

So… this is Microsoft Live Writer… a FREEBIE from Microsoft that looks pretty easy to use.  The laptop we’re using came with a lot of bloated software that will never get used… There is some good software on here though.  Nan is going to love working on here.  I installed the USB to serial adaptor.  It works perfectly, was a little difficult to do because the driver wouldn’t install… I had to install it on my old XP machine and then copy the temp install folder over on a thumb drive.  Bottom line is it works so we’ll be able to get GPS data onto the GPS units during a trip we’re planning to make this summer… more on the trip later…

The machine is a 64bit AMD Turion with 2 GB of ram… In a nutshell it’s pretty sweet and we’ll probably elaborate on it more in the future.

Today was a long one… Got up early and did the work thing, then bowled in a league (2 more weeks of the season left).  Ate dinner at our friends house and then came here… it’s now time to catch some Z’s.

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