Trip Planning

We’ve been planning for the LONG trip.  Can’t believe it’s only two weeks before we leave.  Our younger son graduated High School tonight. We can’t believe where the time has gone.
We have a copy of Delorme Street Atlas 2008.  Bought it so we wouldn’t have to rely on an Internet connection and I can generate maps.  Maps are always good to have because you never know if electronic equipment, like GPS units, will fail.  I have generated trip packets containing the following for each day of driving:

  • An overview map
  • A set of directions
  • A set of strip maps (200 miles in each strip)
  • Turn-by-turn maps of each intersection where we make a turn

We’ve also called ahead and made reservations for the entire trip.  It will take 8 days to get there and 9 days to get back. The trip will take us from Florida, through Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North Dakota.  In Canada we will drive through Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia and the Yukon Territory.  We’ll cross into Alaska 8 days after leaving.
Will post a route map on the next post, I need to build a route map to upload to to make a find caches along route.

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