Day 6 – A Haul

We’re in Watson Lake, Yukon Territory. Yesterday was a haul, I can do 600 miles on regular roads in about 9 and a half hours… this run was longer due to road conditions.  The road to Fort Nelson, British Columbia was pretty nice; The road between Fort Nelson and Here was pretty good until you get into the Northern Canadian Rockies.  The road narrows a little and there are a lot of gravel patches along the way and a few places where construction turns the road into a one lane road.
We got to see a lot of wildlife… Horses, stone sheep, bears, and Bison. We’ve never seen buffalo in the wild; Now we have.  We visited the site of one Geocache but there was a sheer cliff and we decided against trying to bushwhack to find it for fear we could lose track of where we’re at.  The scenery was beautiful we took some opportunities to stop and take some photos for posterity.
Here are SOME of the pictures we took along the way (We took a lot today).

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