City Diner – Spenard, Alaska

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We found a really cool diner not far from the Hotel when we got into the Anchorage area and have been here a few times.  Since we’re rolling out of town today I thought I’d post a little about it…  The menu has some pretty cool choices.  It’s been busy every time we’ve come here and we think the food is great.

Here is some of the City Diner “Lingo” from their menu:

  • “In the Alley” – On the side
  • “& Tears or Cry” – With onions
  • “The Radio” – Tuna fish
  • “On wheels” – To go
  • “Rabbit food” – Lettuce
  • “Bun Pup” – Hot dog
  • “Hot Mud” – Coffee
  • “Sweet Alice” – Milk
  • “City Juice” – H2O
  • “Raft” – Toast

They have items on their Menu like:

  • The Neptune which is an omelette with Bay Shrimp, Avocado, Tomato and Hollandaise sauce
  • The Carnegie which is a Hot Pastrami & Swiss on Rye
  • Moby Micks which is a Fried Halibut, Cheddar, Lettuce Pickle and tarter on a bun
  • Tuna Melt which is a “Radio” salad with Cheddar Grilled on whole wheat.

Their menu has a lot of stuff, most with interesting names as you can see.  I’ve just listed a few to give an idea what’s here.  The staff here are very friendly and always make sure your coffee cup is full.  If you’re ever in the Anchorage area I would recommend a stop at the City Diner on the corner of Northern Lights and Minnesota.  It’s Great!

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