Day 13 – Move to Fairbanks

Was a fairly short trip, I think a little over 200 miles not sure as I didn’t track mileage. Stopped at Denali state park for photos and had lunch at Denali National Park and Preserve. We drove straight to the North Pole and visited the Library.  The librarian said there were 300 children signed up for the “Catch the Reading Bug” summer reading program.  In the picture to the left each of the children made a bug to put on the bulletin board.

After the library we went to the Santa Claus house to visit Santa.  Santa was excited to hear about all of the cool libraries that we brought the book bug to.  Santa and Mrs Claus posed with Nan and the book bug for some pictures;  Both held the Book Bug.

There were a LOT of letters from kids addressed to Santa on the walls

Here are a few other pictures that we took today:

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