Alabama Jubilee 2013 & TN Ten Ren Fest

Well we went to the Alabama Jubilee in Decatur again this year… I think this was the 5th year in a row. Weather was absolutely beautiful but the wind was almost dead calm. Only two balloons launched on Saturday evening and flew for about 15 minutes and only went about 150 yards. Got to see Joel, the Remax balloon pilot.  We were treated to the best balloon glow we’ve ever seen.
On Sunday we changed it up and went to the Tennessee Renaissance Festival, our first trip to a renfest. Saw the end of the only human chess game (huzzah) and two joust matches (HUZZAH). Since this was our first time to a Renaissance Festival we didn’t know what to expect, but had a pretty good time.
We toured the Castell Gwynn, the castle/home built by Mike Freeman… yes, it’s his home. We got to see the kitchen, a hallway lined with tapestries and a room that had a very high ceiling with a candle chandelier that is raised and lowered to light/replace the candles.
I don’t have a lot of pics to share but here are a few.
Alabama Jubilee Balloon Festival

Tethered Rides
Balloon Glow

Renaissance Festival

Human Chess

Castell Gwynn

Gwynn Castle

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