Blog update blues

Since I made this site part of a multi-site project, it’s a bit more work to manage from the server operating standpoint. If the operating system needs to be replaced like I figured out last week it’s a huge undertaking to back data up and save it…. Then there’s the wiping of all data off of the server and installing a new operating system. Then there’s the trying to make the web server play with the backed up database and file system when you restore. Fortunately, everything is as it was back last week, hopefully with some more security embedded. As one of the online bloggers I follows would say YMMV (Your mileage may vary).

IF, you notice any weird behavior from, or please drop me a line at… now if I can figure out how to filter out the massive amount of SPAM I’ll probably get over there.

Testing a large picture post for Nancy as well because she’s had problems with uploading pictures…

Open Pond Trail Walk

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