Still working on this site.

So last week I bit the bullet on trying to consolidate three separate WordPress installations into one multisite installation.  The growing pains are minimal except images on our older posts.  Some appear non-existent.  Others are sideways after we re-upload using the WordPress editor.  I was going to do a mass fix, but I’ve given up … Read more


Today is our friend Sueann’s birthday. She got a bit of a green thumb. This one keeps the mosquitos away. It smells just like the candle too!

B/W Panoramic Thunderstorm

When we were at Weedon Island State Preserve on Saturday I snapped this panoramic view of a thunderstorm on the southeastern – southwestern horzon. It was pretty quiet so we were able to hear the distant deep rumbling of thunder and saw the occasional cloud-to-ground lightning bolt.

Experimental B/W Photography

I’ve always come back to the basics. Black and White photography is one of those basics that, for the most part, hos gone by the way of newer technology. In the “old days” B/W was the only way to go… Now it’s pretty much an art form if you can “see” in B/W. I’ll try and showcase some of my work on this blog in the future since it doesn’t get as much use as it used to, primarily because Facebook gets all of the traffic… but I’m working on ways to remedy that.
This past weekend we went to the Weedon State Preserve. I’ll let today’s batch of photo’s tell the story:

Daisies were growing in a few places. This was the last image I snapped for the day. Lighting was cloudy but converting to B/W made the dasies “pop” and subdued the background. Showing the original HDR image along with my version of how I like it in B/W.
Weedon Island State Preserve was the site of the Grand Central Airport in the late 20s & Early 30s. It was renamed to Sky Harbor Airport sometime in the 30s and used as a training base by the military for a period before being shut down. Here are a few images of the ruins of what was the control tower and terminal building in B/W:

So, in the future I plan to showcase my work in B/W and try to tell stories with my pictures. Of course, I’ll cross-post it onto Facebook and Twitter so people can find it.