Got Gas!

There is an unspoken/unwritten law in Florida that states married women are not permitted to pump their own gas. My husband left me alone while he went to TN to help his mom out. I noticed my gas gage was reading only 45 miles til empty and Tom wasn’t going to be home for another … Read more

Blog update blues

Since I made this site part of a multi-site project, it’s a bit more work to manage from the server operating standpoint. If the operating system needs to be replaced like I figured out last week it’s a huge undertaking to back data up and save it…. Then there’s the wiping of all data off … Read more

Out for a walk

I took the pup out for a 3.5 mile walk today… He needs his nails clipped and I think the walks help file them back. I’m not sure if he’s more tired or if I am. Now we’re both chilling on the couch. Life is good.