It’s amazing what happens when you turn of the Akismet spam filter. I turned it off for less than 24 hours while performing maintenance and HELLO spam! On the off chance one of the messages was Not spam, I just write, no preparation, no planning. Just plain old writing, you can do it too if … Read more

Geocaches we're going to try to find today

Anyone who geocaches likes the thrill of the hunt… well we’re going to try to find these today… posting them here so we don’t have to keep searching for them:  

There's an app for that!

Tape-a-Talk is a great app for Ham Radio operations. I installed Tape a Talk on my Droid Razr Maxx “stupid” phone a few months ago and just found a great use for it. When I’m working HF mobile I record the contacts. I then dictate the contact time and frequency onto the recording and can … Read more