Open Pond

So we went to the Conecuh National Forest and camped at the Open Pond campground. The Conecuh National Forest is almost 84,000 acres just north of the Alabama/Florida state line north of Santa Rosa and Okaloosa counties in Florida. There’s a total of 74 sites, 65 of them are RV sites in the campground in … Read more

Out for a walk

I took the pup out for a 3.5 mile walk today… He needs his nails clipped and I think the walks help file them back. I’m not sure if he’s more tired or if I am. Now we’re both chilling on the couch. Life is good.

A Dog’s Life

This is Milo: Since I’ve started working from home nearly a year ago, I’ve found that this is how he occupies many of his days. I posted a lot of his pictures on Facebook, but practically none here. So… here’s Milo! Have a great day!