Trip Planning

We’ve been planning for the LONG trip.  Can’t believe it’s only two weeks before we leave.  Our younger son graduated High School tonight. We can’t believe where the time has gone. We have a copy of Delorme Street Atlas 2008.  Bought it so we wouldn’t have to rely on an Internet connection and I can … Read more

Microsoft Live Writer

Well. We got things set up the other night and we need to test the ability to post using offline tools.  This post was composed in a program that comes free from Microsoft called Windows Live Writer. It seems to allow the use of several different blogging packages.  I have not done anything with it … Read more

Welcome to our little spot on the web

Hi, I’m the Dad, known in some circles as Tom, and in others as TomCat.  Welcome to our blog, It’s a place where we plan to write about whatever strikes our fancy.  We like to do a lot of things but our kids say we lead boring lives, so, we’ll show them how boring it … Read more