Day 3 – A late start

We got a little bit of a late start yesterday, but that’s ok, we have a little less ground to cover.  Mom drove from Minneapolis to Jamestown, North Dakota.  We wanted to go to the Mall of America but we got in late and had a late start and we’re not sure but think the mall opens a little later on Sundays.  Book Bug got to see two libraries and a Geocache location plus he also saw a large Booming Prarie Chicken Statue at Rothsay ND, the Prairie Chicken Capitol of Minnesota.

Stop 1. Hennepin County Public Library in Maple Grove, Minnesota. The library was closed as expected early on a Sunday morning.  Book bug got to check out the grounds and then followed us across the street to McDonalds.

Stop 2.  “On the Road to Victory” Geocache location.  This cache was off of a neat trail at a rest area just east of Exit 103 on I-94.  There were a lot of mosquitos here too, but Book Bug liked his temporary location.

Stop 3.  Rothsay, Minnesota.  We’ve never heard of a Booming Prairie Chicken but Book bug got to learn right along with us.  We had lunch here and then made tracks closer to Canada.

Stop 4.  Carrington, North Dakota.  Dwayne, a friend of Tom’s, Told him to stop here,  Unfortunately it was late on a Sunday.  Nancy mailed some post cards out and we found the library. Book Bug wanted to visit, but it was closed.

Stop 5.  Canadian Border.  It was dark when we got here but we tried to snap a few pictures.

Here are a few snap shots from today…


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