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We’ve been asked why we aren’t seeing things and going places.  Our goal was to get to Edmonton, Alberta and then slow down.  We will get there today.  We like to Geocache (www.geocaching.com) and Nancy is traveling to the libraries so the children she works with at the library can follow us.  We’re having fun and will continue to do so.
Last night’s border crossing was interesting.  We took only a couple of pictures because it was already dark when we got there.

From what we can remember, the border is on the 49th parallel, but here it apparently was a tad south of the 49th parallel.  We think we were in Canada after we got back on the road based on when the GPS said we were.
The sun set awfully late last night while we were still in North Dakota.  We were in the central time zone and the sun set at 2154 at the location we were.
We have a couple of Geocaches lined up for today and we will also try to visit a library.  We also need to exchange some money.  Our goal for today is Edmonton, Alberta, our last intentional long run.

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