Day 15 – Book Bug is free

Well we finally found a travel bug exchange cache that the Book Bug found inviting.  There were a lot of micro caches along the way yesterday.  The one in North Pole I intended to put him in seemed to have disappearing travel bugs.  So we decided to move on.  Book Bug is at the “Ladybug “Flies” Again Travel Bug Inn!” (GCPWQE) near Whitehorse Yukon.

Today started out nice but as we got into the mountains it got cooler and started to rain.  We’re back in Watson Lake, YT… about halfway down the ALCAN.  Tomorrow we expect to get to Dawson Creek, BC and we’ll get my phone while we’re there.

We didn’t take as many pictures today because we are in go-home mode and have seen most of what’s already along the highway.  We did a little bit of Geocaching here and visited the signpost forest again… there’s a geocache there… The geocache there was stocked full of Travel Bugs.  We’re moving one of them and a Geocoin… so now we have two bugs… “Manta’s Ray” and “RCMP Country Bear”.  The Geocoin is a Canadian Forces Geocachers coin.  The goals for both seem to be to stay in Canada so we’ll probably drop them elsewhere within Canada.

Here are some of today’s pictures:

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