Day 16 – Not the TV Show… Dawson Creek

  Got here around 9:15pm… Not bad for a rainy, wet day. We saw some more animals today and we were able to photograph moose… The first set of animals were the horses that we saw on the way up… we got to see a colt getting milk from it’s mother.  I was beginning to think moose were a mythical creature up here cause we hadn’t seen any moose… just a lot of signs saying to watch out for them.  I was able to import some of the GPX files collected from the GPS into Google Earth… really cool what consumer electronic technology can do these days…

We stopped at a couple of the same places today that we stopped at on the way up… we intentionally avoided Grumpy’s gas station just east of Muncho Lake.  We seem to be getting better gas mileage since we had the oil changed back in Anchorage… it’s averaging 23.8… on the way up we were doing in the neighborhood of 21.

Here are some of today’s pictures:

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