Day 17 – Now we’re in Red Deer

Worked some HF today too.   Talked to w7sac in Fort Walton Beach from about 25 miles west of Edmonton, Alberta.  Been on 14.245MHz and talked to a few others too.  HF signals were nothing but static in the Yukon and further north but now were getting BIG signals in from all over the place.  Today was a medium run of about 450 miles.  Tomorrows is a little longer, a little over 600 miles. Will end up in Billings tomorrow.

Apparently the working age here is 14… we asked the manager at an A&W where we went for a soft serve Ice Cream… He said in Northern British Columbia there’s a labor shortage… a TEN YEAR OLD rang our order up.

Didn’t see a lot of wildlife today… Nan saw a deer… We saw a lot of mythical moose crossing signs… We went to the West Edmonton Mall to check it out… it has an indoor water park, a miniature golf course, a grocery store, an 8 or 12 (can’t remember which) screen multiplex theater.  There was  a LOT of stuff to do there… oh there was a casino too!

Anyway, there wasn’t a lot of interesting stuff to take pictures of today, still we managed to shoot 119 stills…  Here are a few…

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