The Alabama Jubilee

We went to Decatur, Alabama for Memorial Day weekend to see the Balloons.  We went here in 2007, and didn’t stay for all of the festivities because we had to be somewhere else.  We’ve since found out that they do this event every year at Memorial Day. This year, the weather didn’t cooperate very will.  … Read more

Day 22 – Home!

So… We made it home safely.  Spent Friday night at Mom’s.  Saturday’s drive home was pretty direct.  It was only about 385 miles and weather was pretty good until we got close to the coast.  Weather on the coast was pretty bad; there were 10 people struck by lightning on the beach. Ending stats for … Read more

Day 18 – Big Sky Country

We’re in Billings, Montana.  We got here yesterday afternoon and we covered more ground in the shortest amount of time than any other time on this trip.  Mostly due to the higher speed limit here, but also due to the fact that there’s not much here to see except big skies, lots of ranches and … Read more