Day 19 – Rapid City and Mount Rushmore

Starting to get a little tired of traveling… not too bad, was just a bit boring today when the scenery didn’t have too much variety… It got much more pleasant once we reached the Black Hills.  We stopped in a Wal-Mart for souvenir playing cards for Nan’s collection and we were treated to watching a shoplifter get tackled by security.  We were in the store about 10 minutes and the police were just arriving when we left.  Guy was trying to heist 3 or 4 CDs…  I don’t understand why people throw their lives away over junk like that…

We drove through the northeast corner of Wyoming and then into the Black Hills.  There’s a lot of stuff to do here… I think we’ll make it a longer vacation destination later on.  Nan is getting better with the SLR camera, she still gets frustrated when it wont shoot until it focuses, but she’s getting the hang of it…

Worked some HF again today and talked to w7sac in Fort Walton Beach.  When we finished a station came back and wanted to ask what radio and antenna I am using because I sounded next door to him… he was in Minnesota, about 900 miles or so away.  HF signals are much stronger now than when I was in the Yukon…

We saw a lot of livestock today, we passed some sort of power plant and like five or six LONG trains LOADED with coal.  Nan took a picture of the sign announcing the name of the Crazy Woman Creek.  I notice that Wyoming has Big Skies too.  We saw quite a few oil wells and drove past a refinery in Newcastle… funny thing is gas in Billings was $4.09 a gallon… in Newcastle, where the refinery was, it was 4.37.

Ok, here are today’s Pictures.

Montana Road
A truck we followed for a long time
Not many trees here
Livestock – Got Beef?
Welcome to Wyoming
Grazing Cattle
Distant Mountains
The long boring interstate
Power Generation
Newcastle Refinery
Old Mill Restaurant

Newcastle Houses
Welcome to South Dakota
US Highway 16
Rotting Forest
Life in a dead forest
Black Hills Road
Red Rock
Right turn after tree
Rocks – Trees Fence – Road
Crazy Horse Monument (Under Construction)
Mountain Reflections
Granie Spire
The Long and Winding Road
Mt Rushmore Monument Entrance
State Flag Display
US Air Force Brass Band
Unelected Presidents
WWII Leaders
Tunnel Arch

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