Sanford's Grub & Pub, Rapid City, SD

We ate at this really cool place last night.  Was hard not to look around at the “junk” on the wall.  Sanford’s is named after the old hit TV show, Sanford and Son… If you HAVEN’T seen the show, Fred Sanford was in the salvage (junk) business… the decorations on the walls here were just awesome… A lot of old signs and license plates from the great plains states, Along with a couple of old gas pumps and probably tons of other junk…  The restaurant is inside and old Chicago, Milwaukee, St Paul & Pacific Railroad freight house.

It was quite busy when we first got there and it took a while to get seated, but the wait was worth it.  I would recommend this place to anybody passing through Rapid City.

We stayed a while and left close to closing time… we pretty much had the run of the place to take some pictures… Here are a a few of them:

Oh yeah… this is a restaurant… I had a very tasty rib-eye steak for dinner.

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