Day 20 – Wall Drug, Badlands & Omaha

Yesterday was a busy day.  Was the first of our changed plans.  We were supposed to drive to Independence Missouri but decided to split the last three days of driving into four.  We went to Wall Drug in Wall, SD yesterday and had Brunch there.  We moseyed around the ‘store” for about an hour and a half and then hit the road.  We didn’t go far and decided to tour Badlands National Park.  We spent close to 2 hours there. And then finally got serious about getting to Omaha.  When we got in the car the GPS Estimated our arrival at the hotel in Omaha to be 1:34 AM… I had planned to take the back roads to get to Omaha… We changed to the interstate and got here just before midnight… was a late evening so we’re getting a late start today.

Here’s yesterday’s pictures:

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