City Diner – Spenard, Alaska

Posted at Breakfast. We found a really cool diner not far from the Hotel when we got into the Anchorage area and have been here a few times.  Since we’re rolling out of town today I thought I’d post a little about it…  The menu has some pretty cool choices.  It’s been busy every time … Read more

Day 8 – Well we made it

And I’m absolutely amazed at the technology of Google maps and GPS etc… Google maps says the route we planned on taking was 4517 miles and that it would take 3 Days plus 6 hours of driving time… 72+6 = 78 hours… With the pit stop at Mom’s, our GPS odometer got 4637 miles with … Read more

Day 7 – Almost There!

Well it appears there’s WIFI available in the Laundry room of the hotel so… here we are again.  We covered about 360 miles today.  We moved on three geocaches.  The first was in the sign forest, in Watson Lake. There are over 60,000 signs here.  The sign forest started in 1942 during the construction of … Read more

Day 6 – A Haul

We’re in Watson Lake, Yukon Territory. Yesterday was a haul, I can do 600 miles on regular roads in about 9 and a half hours… this run was longer due to road conditions.  The road to Fort Nelson, British Columbia was pretty nice; The road between Fort Nelson and Here was pretty good until you … Read more

Day 4 – Made it to Edmonton

Well We’re here.  Covered a lot of ground today… noticing gas mileage is lower when ethanol is in the tank. We got 19mpg with ethanol in the tank and 23 with RFG. did some calculations and the gas is cheaper to buy the super without the ethanol than it does to buy regular with the … Read more